Roller conveyor

The roller conveyor by "LEMA" - Ideal for handling products with simple shapes and dimensions exceeding 100 mm.
This type of conveyor has two brushing groups, a tilter at 180 ° and can be equipped with bench for reference at 90 °. The roller conveyor by "LEMA" has a system of pivoting roller conveyor that allows an easy access to the mould.
All the roller conveyors by "LEMA" can be equipped with a system for the automatic unloading of the pressed parts, in this way it is possible to fully automate the production cycle of pieces that are normally removed by hand from the mould, thus bringing enormous advantages
of productivity for customers who adopt this solution.

"LEMA" offers to its customers its technical department, which employs highly qualified professionals dedicated to study solutions to automate any type of production cycle resulting from the compaction of powders.

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