The hydraulic presses "LEMA", studied and designed entirely in our company, contain years of collaboration that we had with the most prestigious factories in the world. The specific operational requirements of our customers and our legendary attention to these needs, allowed us to achieve high level technical and operational quality.

Our presses specifically designed for the compaction of clay, glass, rubber, resin or other types of dust, are usually characterized by some of the following technical details:

  • PLC with the latest generation included a wide range of programs to meet any  production requirement.
  • Cards for axis control movements the press during the pressing cycle.
  • Encoder for position control axes.
  • Proportional valves to control cross beam movement - ejector.
  • Group support feeding cart with a rotation of 90 ° to facilitate access to the mould.
  • Hydraulic components BOSCH – REXROTH