Press HPL 347 RL

Hydraulic press with great flexibility of use developed and designed for molding and vulcanizing with thermosetting resins.
Perfect for the regeneration of resin punches sizes up to 100 x 120 cm in the ceramic industry.


• upper magnetic plate with pre-heating system
• lower magnetic plate with pre-heating system
• pre-heating plate installed behind the press
• hydraulic control block of pressure by means proportional valve,
in order to press automatically with different pressures.
• Electric control board with programmable logic and devices
for temperature control of lower ,upper and pre-heating planes.



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Description HPL 347 RL
Max. pressing force 340 Ton
Engine power 11 KW
Heating power dies 13 KW
Distance between columns 1500 mm
Pressing cylinder diameter 450 mm
Max. cylinder stroke 475 mm
Hydraulic circuit pressure 220 bar
Useful heigth plate/cross 550 mm
Oil tank capacity 320 lt
Net weigth 11.500 Kg
Max. press heigth 3.700 mm