The company

"LEMA” was born in 1949 at Erba (Como) just as a small factory and shortly after moved to Albavilla (Como) into an industrial complex that covers an area of three thousand square meters.

After more than sixty years of experience in the production of moulds and presses for the ceramic tile market, the brand "LEMA" has been virtually imposed in the world.

During the early 80's we had the feeling that the market was ready to accept content tonnage presses for the production of special pieces, trims and mosaics so we can throw with perfect product with which we have reached a great level of success in the national and international markets.

The fact that we produced both presses and moulds allows us to offer excellent quality results, because when there is no options for the press comes handy the help of the moulds typology and vice versa. The technicians of all ceramic makers that use Lema’s presses and moulds for special pieces receive all the maximum support from “LEMA” quality products, producing   very special and complex manufacturing lines with absolute confidence.

For long years, Cristiana and Jonathan have been part of “LEMA” as the third generation of Ponzoni’s. For them as for their grandfather Luigi and their father Pierluigi, the most important thing is to offer to their clients the higher standards of quality and technology. We can certainly say that for more than a half a century the people who have worked at “LEMA” have given a great contribution to the evolution of the ceramic field.

The prove of  the excellence of  "LEMA" lies in its products:

  •  hydraulic presses for special pieces and trims of 10/25/50/188/500/620 tons
  • moulds of any shape and size for any press and for different field
  • hydraulic press for molding and curing of various types of elastomers in coating buffer
  • advice for the construction of plants for production of special parts
  • advice for the construction of plants for curing of the buffers in the national and international markets continue to receive a considerable success.


"LEMA" in July 2005 received the ACIMAC QUALITY MARK certification for the complete set of moulds produced.