Our conveyors, studied and designed to receive from the press products of various shapes and sizes made by compacting powders, enclose years of collaboration we had with the most prestigious companies in the world and have been developed to be used not only with production presses "LEMA", but compatible with every type of presses.

The specific operational requirements of our customers have enabled us to achieve a high technical – quality – operational level.

Special types of conveyors have been carefully designed and manufactured for the handling of pieces of complex shapes, by the application of an extraction system automated. This system speeds up the production cycle of all types of objects that were previously to be removed manually by the operator, thus significantly reducing the costs of production.

Here are some details of our quality conveyors: 

  • PLC of the last generation that meet any production requirement.
  • Inverters vector for speed control.
  • Structures made of anodized aluminum alloy profiles.
  • All steel parts are treated with zinc electroplating.
  • The first zone of the roller is designed for easy access to the mould.